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Richmond Events’ Business Panel Report – the Scottish referendum

Kirsty Brown | 27/08/2014
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The latest Richmond Events's business panel report on the Scottish referendum is now available. Please read on for headline findings and to download the full report.

Headline findings include:-
  • The vast majority of the panel doesn’t see a yes vote as having any affect on their business. However, of those that do, 27% of them see a yes vote as having an adverse effect, whereas only 2% believe it will improve their business.
  • If there were to be a yes vote, a quarter of the panel say they would reduce operations in Scotland, whilst only 2% say they’d increase them.
  • Over two thirds of the panel’s organisations have employees in Scotland. Of these, the largest proportion don’t see a yes vote affecting their employment numbers, whilst a further 22% are currently undecided and will wait and see.
  • Currency - The majority of the panel feel the Chancellor will back up his threat and remove the pound as the Scottish currency, whilst only ¼ feel it will remain if Scotland becomes independent.
  • 38% agree with denying Scotland the pound if they vote yes, whilst a further 41% would deny it if they refused to assume an equitable share of national debt.
  • 66% of the panel feel an independent Scotland would make little or no difference in terms of re-negotiating our relationship with the EU.
  • Even if Britain fails to substantially re-negotiate the terms of its membership, the majority of the panel would choose to remain part of the EU - 59%, rather than to leave - 31%.
  • Finally, it seems that much of the above may be somewhat irrelevant. At the time of writing, Betfair has the odds of a no vote at 10/1 ON and it seems the panel agrees, with the vast majority feeling Scotland will vote to stay within the UK.
  • Whilst 13% are unsure and 13% don’t really care only 3% feel the yes campaign will be successful. Look away now, Mr Salmond.
You can download the full report here -

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